Video: World AIDS Day 2013 in Belize

Video by Avneet Dhillon

As part of this series of posts about World AIDS Day in different regions of the Caribbean, I put together this presentation about World AIDS Day in Belize. It covers some of the different events that take place leading up to December 1st, as well as how it has been celebrated in previous years. In Belize, there is a strong focus on the message of World AIDS Day reaching young people. Youth in Belize are the most vulnerable to infection and it is important to ensure that they are aware of the risks, know how to protect themselves, and are informed about their various options when it comes to sexual and reproductive health. There are also a number of health fairs and school sessions that the Belize Family Life Association takes part in during the week of World AIDS Day, which could not be included in this video. However, I will be posting photos and videos from those events in my future ICAD blog posts, so you can check them out there. If you want to find out more about HIV/AIDS and Belize, you can also connect with social media through the Youth Advocacy Movement’s Facebook Page, or the Belize Family Life Association’s Twitter Page and YouTube channel.

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