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Leah is a recent graduate of the University of King's College/Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS, Canada. Leah is taking on her first overseas working experience in Kingston, Jamaica. A balance of humour with critical thought, Leah provides an insight to her first experiences in the field of international affairs.

Marijuana Culture: An International Game of Broken Telephone

You know the game we played as kids? The girl with braided pigtails and awkward buck teeth gawkily whispers a message into her crush’s ear, who passes it down the spit-fueled line to the poor kid at end who has … Continue reading

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How do I deal with these jerks catcalling me?

This week I’m hoping to address a difficult topic, but I hope to do so in an inquisitive manner that is open for discussion. I’m certainly not saying that it won’t be full of my opinion, but I’m also interested … Continue reading

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Welcome to Jamaica: Fumbles and Troubles

It seems appropriate that my first experiences with dietary challenges and living adjustments be the subject of my first blog post. As a Canadian in Jamaica there are many adjustments, from wearing business attire in the sweltering heat (in January) to … Continue reading

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