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Long due update

Its been nearly 3 months I haven’t updated the blog. One of the major reasons well… internet access, also, in the january and february the energy here was oscillating a lot. Often we had black outs (?) sometimes 3 times … Continue reading

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Catching up

Lately everything has been going smoothly. No major events or anything like that except for the ‘visiting’ event that took place Nov. 29th. The Embassador of the US to Mozambique and representatives from the USAid, business and local politicians visited … Continue reading

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Late posting…

I have not had internet for a while as I was having problem with the modem I bought. I mean I still am having problems. but the landlady’s son-in-law is letting me use his wireless for now. So, below are … Continue reading

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I arrived in Maputo, Mozambique last Friday at 3pm. My SAT contact was there to pick me up along with the coordinator of Hihlilule (where I will be doing my internship). They were very welcoming, friendly and nice. From Maputo, … Continue reading

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Pre-departure feelings

I am getting more anxious as my departure date to Maputo, Mozambique approaches. However, anxiety is not the only feeling. I feel many other feelings, even those which contradict themselves. I feel stressed and relieved, happy and sad, anxious and … Continue reading

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