My very first blog on my first day

I have been in the dominican for one day shy of a week. In that time I have managed to find an apartment, a cell phone plan, internet and a grocery shop. I’m still pretty shy with my Spanish but i’m sure that will fade in time. Santo Domingo is a hot and beautiful place! Everyone has been friendly and welcoming despite my weak spanish. Since I have worked in Dominican before (two years ago for 2 weeks) I have been lucky to reconnect with friends I made and have someone to ask my many many questions to. Live music and salsa dancing will for sure be a big part of my life the next 6 months!

Today is my first day working at the COIN office in Zona Colonial. I came in to discover the job description/project no longer exists and i’ll be working on a completely different project- Oh the joys of ID! That being said the new project seems interesting and exciting so, whatever..bring it on. I spent the morning getting caught up with where the project is headed, and reading midterm reports.

That is all I have for now, if anyone actually reads this this is my first blog..ever. So sorry if it sucks and I hope to get better at them.



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