One month in!

30 days in..I think I am starting to get it..maybe. I have accomplished finding Spanish lessons, a place to run, taking public transit to work and creating a business plan for the new social enterprise project. Plus many other perks such as carnival, the beach, a visit from an old friend and the Blue Jays training facility.

Work is pretty relaxed and I have a lot of freedom with where I decide to take projects, I am also starting to teach english next week which I am very excited about. Knock on wood but I haven’t gotten sick or robbed so I would say I am doing pretty well. (better than most expected!)

Taking the public taxi to work is horrifyingly interesting. It’s basically the oldest piece of rust car that crams 7 people in it and takes you to Zona Colonial for less then a 1$. I basically sat on an old woman’s lap on the way to work today..making friends I guess.

I am constantly being stared at and cat called which has been a treat. The overuse of the words ¨baby¨ and ¨rubia¨ have become a daily eye roll. But, lots of kind, friendly people as well to counteract the hissing dominican men who apparently think they love me.

The office atmosphere is nice, very laid back. Most days when I get here on time I have to wait outside a locked door for around 15 minutes. So to avoid standing in the street I tend to roll in about 20 minutes late. I work in the same office as 2 other proactividad employees who do not speak english. so there is a somewhat comical daily struggle.

All and all work is a little slow but I am hoping to takes off a bit more within the next couple weeks. Rebecca and I are doing well, and concurring are day to day struggles together. We have Las Terrenas planned next weekend for a friends birthday and Punta Cana planned for the following weekend. So ill be rocking a tan in no time and be able to fit in a little better…right?

Well, heading back to work while listening to Justin Biebers ¨Sorry¨in spanish..catchy and educational! Perfecto!




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