Soy Dominicana

Santo Domingo is only getting hotter, and the carro publicos can’t seem to take it because they are breaking down much more frequently. The tourism project is rolling, i’m teaching english to LGBT youth on the side and have even joined a gymnastics class at the university by my house. Spanish classes are rolling although some days I feel I am getting worse, despite this my common phrase has become ¬®Soy Dominicana¬®when people call me a gringa or assume I don’t speak Spanish. Rebecca and I have had a fantastic time exploring more of the Island and meeting new amazing people. I have also made it a habit to spend my off days at the Sheraton hotel pool about a 10 minute walk from my house, nobody ever questions if I am actually a guest so that’s working out for me. I am very excited to have friends and family visiting this month and show them what life in Santo Domingo(The real dominican) is all about. I have a english tour of Zona Colonial set up for my best friend visiting and for my advanced english class. All and all everything is going smoothly, I even show up to work late each day like a real Dominican. SOY DOMINICANA!

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