Were to begin on the road to Jamaica

This is my first post ever, let alone first blog so I am quite new at this. I think for my first post I am going share with everyone the things I’ll miss the most on my journey.

The first thing that comes to mind is my mother! Shes always been there for me and as much as I want to venture out into the world, I’d have to say I will miss her guidance and love. Speaking of love, the second thing I’d miss the most is my best friend Chelsea. It’s sad knowing she won’t be there with me to share my important moments, we all have that one person in our life that you wish could be there for everything! I guess Skype will suffice. I’m going to miss my house, my bed, my blankets, all the people I see everyday and this list could keep going on forever. Wow! You don’t realize how such little things impact you everyday.

Even though I’m going to miss the motherland, I am sure all the new people I meet and new things I learn will fill my void. “Change your Thoughts, and you change your world.”

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