Our Arrival in Jamaica

View from the plane of some part of Jamaica

We finally made our journey on Monday, to the much anticipated JAMAICA *YAYAYA!* The plane ride was short, it was basically our first impression of the people that live in Jamaica or what the people are like, but the people were so nice and humble! To me our plane ride seemed so short with all the good company and before I knew it we were flying over Jamaica. We landed safely  and went off to see our new place, but not before picking up Chinese food for dinner. Chinese food really? First thing we eat here is like the most north American cuisine; to be fair though it was ten times better then back home!

We have been in “paradise” for 5 days now, getting adjusted to our new lifestyle has been a challenge but learning experience at that. Our house is a different story though, it’s very antique, with a few weeks it will be homey…hopefully! But for now it has this smell that no one has been there for awhile and it is hard to get rid of! Oh and another thing, Heather our lovely roommate, has issues with security, she locks everything. Its a funny story though. So my other roommate Scott lives on the other side of heather’s room and there is a gate and a door connecting both there rooms. Scotts room has back area though that you can leave from and come as he pleases because there is suppose to be a “path” onto the street from the backyard. He never used it yet because he would just come through heathers room to our side and what not. So we ended up meeting this nice fellow from work named David, whom by the way is the biggest sweetheart you’ll ever meet, anyway he offered to show us around after work and get familiar with the area and find some good places to eat. On our walk home after he was going on about safety concerns, saying that we should always be aware that no one is following you, lock all your doors, and be very careful! Well, I think this conversation really scared Heather because before she went to bed she locked everything including the gate between her and scotts room. Which we did not have a key for, but didn’t know till next morning when we were all trying to rush out of the house for work and Scott couldn’t get passed the locked gate. So he had to use the back entrance “path” which goes through 3 properties and then you have to hop a gate. So now every morning Scott has to do that until we either cut the lock or find the key. Heather now is more careful on what she locks now!

On the last note the people I’ve met and work with are really great! I love what I am doing and what everyone is doing here, it is really inspiring the people that come together and make such a difference in the HIV&AIDS movement here in Jamaica. I’m glad to be apart of it. I’ll keep everyone posted on how things go for work, but for now see ya later 🙂



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