*confession booth*

As you know I performed several interviews today  at the conference. This is a confession! To be completely honest with you I wasn’t impressed by the interviews I got. I thought I could ask the questions Ian gave me and do the interviews and be successful but it required a lot more attention. I had to really engage the person. The camera wasn’t enough for them to feel like someone really cared about what they had to say. This was my downfall because I thought the camera was the importance when really I needed to listen and concentrate more. Mostly so that I could create a safe environment for people to share their experience… how strong am I in that way where I can create an atmosphere of safety. I say this because a lot of people picked up and left after they answered all the questions they didn’t stay around to finish  what we had started. So maybe I wasn’t being accommodating. This is a ramble but as I said earlier its a confession.

Cultural differences might apply here. I’m not sure thought because how different are we really?

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