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92 days. We have been in Jamaica for just little over 3 months and we are coming to the near end of our internship in June. It seems so close but feels like we have been here even shorter. Everything for me is just starting to make sense and really picking up speed around CVC, it is a tragedy that we have to leave in a month. The last thing I want to do is leave unfinished business, but that’s inevitable because there is so much potential in everything here. I’d like to take this blog post to update everyone on some of the major/minor projects I have been working on as being the research and documentation intern at CVC.

I have been involved in a bunch of little efforts here and there but people always ask what is my main objective, and I can never give this detailed and precise answer to as exactly what I do. The truth is or from my perspective, I don’t just have one objective, I like to think I am a useful asset to all the organizations and with each organization their objectives vary.

I work and am based at CVC everyday. The reason for this is because one of my major projects I am currently working on has to do with CVC. I have done ongoing minor projects with other organizations but my more important one is here at CVC. My task was to create a database where  I input all the research housed at CVC into this database. Basically it is a Research Inventory. I need to ID all the research, log where it is located in the office and a short description about the piece, so future persons can know and keep track of all the research here at CVC. It seems simple but it has taken a lot of effort and time to do this meticulously. One  thing I do enjoy about this task is that I come across very interesting abstract papers and research that I often get distracted reading. Which is what I am doing right now, getting distracted.

It may not be as exciting as what people thought but I enjoy learning about all the things CVC and other organizations have done through their previous research and such, and those readings and learning’s I’ll have with me for an entire lifetime to share. To me that is the greatest gift you can receive, to learn and to share with others.


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