Bittersweet Goodbyes :(

*This blog was written my last week in Jamaica, and I thought I posted it but it somehow got saved in drafts, sorry its late guys*

When I first heard of this internship, I remember thinking “Wow 4 months that is a long time to be away from home”, in retrospect it isn’t long at all. The time has just flew by, feels like yesterday I was at home packing to come here, now I am packing to go home. It is bittersweet because even though I miss home and excited to be going back, the friends and people I have met and formed bonds with, it is going to be hard to say goodbye. But I have a good mindset that goodbyes aren’t forever, its see you later, which I do intend to come back and visit!

Reflecting back on this last week, it has been very self-satisfying to be able complete most of my work. My major thing I had been working throughout the internship involved creating a research database that logged all the available research in the CVC office into this database. Which then persons could access and be-able to search for certain pieces of research and find where it is located in the CVC office. Creating the database itself entailed me entering over 300 pieces of research, each with the title, date, author and a short description about the type of research, the topic, ect. along side giving each individual piece an ID tag.  As you can tell it was very time consuming, from the date I started, it took me about 3 months to complete.  everyone at CVC says I did a excellent job with it, but i know if I had more time I could of done a lot more with it. Kinda like how to artist’s a drawing or painting is never completed, their is always something they can add, but to other people its perfect the way it is.

I’m glad that I’m leaving here on a good note and have work to show for my time at CVC. I have created great memories here and experienced more than I thought I ever would. Participating in my first protest, against the ministry of health to bring awareness that people need answers to whats going to happen when the global fund runs out of money, which provides treatment to persons living with HIV, or interviewing sex worker and peer educators for my first ever mini-documentary and so much more. These things I’ve done and accomplished will be with me forever, they have allowed me to learn and grow and when I am back home. I have no doubt that I will be able to share all these things with my peers as well for them to learn from too, hopefully.

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