a word on colonization

wanting to expand on this thought.. colonization being a word that is tossed around which encompasses so much. Yet the word is often used to describe past events however the word represents something that is still living within us all… it is not only the past but it is the present as well because it has had a “ripple effect” and that had influence on who we are today. So what do I propose instead of the word colonization? Well I don’t suggest any but I do ask those who use the word to consider the tense it is used and watch how you might right it off as something that happened a long time ago and begin to consider how it is still effectively shaping peoples lives today. Alright good.

Some if not most of the major dishes served in Jamaica carry a great history with them. Slaves were often fed the European slave masters left-overs, the parts of the meat they did not desire… Forcing slaves to “make do” with what they had, this is how certain dishes came about for example “Ox Tail” Which is now a traditional Jamaican dish. One thing I’ve noticed about Jamaicans is that after forced removal from their mother countries in Afryka and en-enslavement and everything that that entails… The people have maintained a distinct culture … Lucky for them with us as Native Americans though we have whats left of our culture and because the dominant society still exists on top of us we haven’t been able to create a solid distinct Indigenous culture separate from the dominant society one that is recognized at least… And our people live in poverty just the same…. shake my damn head. No justice on stolen land…


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