The Beginning

Hello, my name is Melissa Donegan, and I am the newest addition to Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition/Pro-Actividad.  I’ll be working as an Income Generation Projects Assistant here in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and I will be directly involved with the implementation of a café project.  The café will, among other things, provide marginalized youth a place where they can acquire job skills in an environment where they feel welcome and comfortable.

I’m off to a bit of a slow start work wise, on account of budget issues.  The organization was hoping to have specific things up and running before I arrived, but this was not possible due to funding delays.  Not an uncommon problem for international development.  But at least it gives me a chance to get settled, take care of some housekeeping issues and practice my Spanish.  I am sharing an apartment with fellow CIDA/ICAD intern Michaela.  After surviving the first 3 days without power, we are now starting to settle into our new home.  And so far we only have one “pet” cucaracha!

So, I’ve now been living in the Dominican Republic for one week, and I can’t wait for the next 6 months to unfold.  I am eager to begin my work and to make a real contribution to the society I am working in.  I know that this experience will make me a more dynamic individual with international experience, more advanced transferable skills and a greater knowledge of international development which will ultimately lead to me being more a employable candidate for my future career in a knowledge based economy.

Melissa Donegan
Melissa Donegan

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