Hello, my name is Brian Kastelic and I’m an intern at the Belize Family Life Association (BFLA) . I am from Toronto Canada, and am a business graduate. Today is August 26, and I’ve currently been in Belize for 19 days.

BFLA is a multidimensional organization that acts as both a health care provider and educational institution. It focuses mainly on sexual and reproductive health within the health and educational areas. Within the clinics, BFLA provides contraceptives, medications, drugs and a limited set of services at subsidized costs. Through the educational department, BFLA employees provide workshops and counselling at the BFLA offices and at schools and other various locations.

My role within BFLA is to assist in the accounting and finance departments. Both departments have undergone downsizing within the past couple of years and are in need of assistance. I also hope to help streamline the accounting process and improve its accountability as it is not yet fully automated and requires a fair amount of work relative to western standards.

Personally, I have quite enjoyed Belize . The weather, the people, the culture.. have all been great. Everything moves at a slightly slower and relaxed pace here, and once you fall in line, its easy to enjoy yourself.

Brian Kastelic
Brian Kastelic

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  1. Douglas Gentle says:

    Hey Brian hope you remember me from BFLA it’s Doug give me a buzz would like to chat with you my number is 6233794 email.

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