Uniting Sex Workers in Bangladesh

By Mila Rahman

Mila Rahman - Modhumita ProjectinDhaka(Ashar Alo Society)Bangladesh Women’s Health Coalition (BWHC) in conjunction with Ashar Alo Society initiated the Modhumita Project on 15 Sept 2003. The project is unique as it designed specifically to be an outreach and integrated health centre. Modhumita Project aims to reduce HIV/STI transmission among Dhaka’s ‘forgotten girls’ – the hotel-based female sex workers. Right above the posters, there are images of “pairs” along side the walls: a pair of birds, noukas (country boats), persons and flowers. [Off note context: The river and boats are essential to traditional Bangladeshi culture before age of globalization occurred]. The symbolism of pairs in the decor is special: to signify the strong sense of sisterhood and unity among sex workers who are otherwise left on the extreme fringes of Bangladeshi society.

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