World AIDS Day 2013 – Lesotho

Video by: Marie-Claire Klassen, Emily Neilson (Bracelet of Hope) and Janessa Giles and Scott Looney (Help Lesotho).

This video was created in partnership between Help Lesotho and Bracelet of Hope: 2 Canadian organizations involved with the mitigation of the effects of HIV/AIDS in Lesotho. Through our work in Lesotho we have come to recognize the important role that the Grandmother’s play. Lesotho has the third highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the world by percentage and consequently, this has caused an entire middle generation to become wiped out which has left many children with one or no parents. As a result, the care of these orphans has fallen to the grandmothers. At times, we have seen the sheer devastation and hopelessness with which this disease has afflicted Lesotho and Southern Africa at large, however we have also seen the determination, strength and courage that these grandmothers exude. This strength has given hope to the entire country, and it was this strength that was the inspiration for our video. When people see the effects of HIV/AIDS in Africa, the heroism of the grandmothers is often overlooked. They are a continual source of inspiration to Africa and to the rest of the world. With their help, together we can get to zero.

Bracelet of Hope Description:
Bracelet of Hope is a grassroots organization that engages Canadian communities to fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa. They are based in Guelph, Ontario and currently focus their work on the AIDS pandemic in Lesotho, Africa. Their vision is to see one African country AIDS free. Originally created to raise funds for the Tsepong AIDS treatment clinic in Lesotho, they have increased the scope of their work and now also address the social determinants of health – focusing on poverty and unemployment through the development of income-generating activities and on caring for some of the many thousands of AIDS orphans in the country. They take a holistic approach to addressing the AIDS pandemic, supporting HEALTH, HOMES and JOBS.

Help Lesotho Description:
Help Lesotho is a non-profit organization in Lesotho, Southern Africa, which works with orphaned and vulnerable children, youth, young mothers and grandmothers, providing them with psychosocial support and life skills training. Help Lesotho’s mission is to mitigate the effects of HIV/AIDS by promoting education, gender equity, and youth leadership development. This is achieved through numerous programs throughout Lesotho including anti-Aids clubs, young mother support groups, grandmother support groups and the Basotho Girls Leadership Corps. Help Lesotho believes in building sustainable communities where everyone is valued, treated equally, and is able to contribute to their society.

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