As the last week is winding down, I am writing this blog to acknowledge the people I have met in Belize. Throughout my time here, I have met some great people who have made my stay both enjoyable and informative.

The first people I would like to acknowledge are the cab drivers I frequented during my stay. I would always begin the cab drive by asking the driver a general question regarding the social, political and economic state Belize was in. And time after time, I was amazed by how informative these men were regarding topics such as the effects of different political policies, causes of economic inequality and the changing social dynamics of Belize. It seemed many of them took a passionate interest in these matters as they had a major effect on their lives and the lives of their family.

The second group of people I would like to acknowledge were the group of friends I made here especially Amir and Lowell. I enjoyed watching many UFC and boxing matches at their homes and hearing about their lives in Belize. I specifically want to thank Amir who was very helpful in letting me stay at his house one night when I was stuck in Belize City.

The third group of people, who will at least deserve a couple paragraphs are the people I met at BFLA. I can still vividly recall my first day here, when I finally understood the meaning of culture shock and was overwhelmed by the environment. At this time I met Douglas, the driver for BFLA who made that first week and many more comfortable and fun. Douglas is one of those people who always seem to be in happy, sociable mood. He was also easy-going and understood my apathetic sarcasm making our trips to the clinics and around Belize lively. There was never a request he refused, ranging from picking up water to making a trip to the Immigration Offices to even taking a spin on his motorcycle. I’m truly grateful for his help.

Ms. Celine is the next person I would like to mention who certainly made Belize eventful. Through Ms. Celine I was able to meet Amir and Lowell, attend a steel band concert and feel comfortable dancing to Jamaican reggae while the people around me were surely astounded by how off-beat someone could actually be. Ms.Celine would always greet me with a welcoming smile and funny observations. I undoubtedly missed many of her punch lines as understanding creole was a challenge I never quite overcame.

Ms. Jones is the next person I would like to thank. She was one of the best listeners I have ever encountered who was always willingly to hear my opinion and give advice on local Belizean food. Mykal and Kyron are two other employees at BFLA who were of similar age. Both guys were easy to talk to and willingly to take me around Belize. Even though they were younger, they both shared an inquisitive mind and had interesting opinions on Belizean culture. I never once had any issues with safety in Belize, and I think a part of that was due to these guys.

Ms.Sherrette, Mr. Cecil and Ms. Anna were also very helpful. Ms.Sherrette certainly had an impressive grasp of accounting which I learned from as much as possible. Mr.Cecil had a great sense of humour who made the trips to different clinics fly by, and Ms. Anna who I sometimes took the bus with to get to work, had an impressive quick wit that I was equally confused and humoured by.

It’s safe to say that my time in Belize was certainly an interesting one. But thanks to these people it was certainly an enjoyable one too.

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  1. Douglas Gentle says:

    I’m just trying to get the hang of this computer thing so am only now just seeing your blogs,was my pleasure meeting you wishing to here from you again soon

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