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Uganda: Awaken your senses!

I boarded my flight to Uganda three weeks ago and promised myself that I wouldn’t have any expectations for the journey I was setting out on for the next six months. That’s not to say that I came into this … Continue reading

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Office life in Antigua

In my last post, I explained a daunting issue regarding the reluctance of MSM to access testing and further, the lack of harmonized testing data and reporting to the government. The issues of reporting inform how everything else functions (government … Continue reading

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The second month of work (and the hottest sun!)

I’ve now been living in Antigua for almost two months. I’m getting used to the sun being unbearably hot by 9am and am getting deeper into work and loving it. On the weekends, I’ve explored different coasts of the island … Continue reading

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Our Arrival in Jamaica

We finally made our journey on Monday, to the much anticipated JAMAICA *YAYAYA!* The plane ride was short, it was basically our first impression of the people that live in Jamaica or what the people are like, but the people … Continue reading

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My Trail-Blazing Friend Fridah

It’s now been a month since I’ve come back from Zambia, and life at home has been quite busy. I got married to my fiancé, and I am just now starting to settle down to look for a new job, … Continue reading

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Commemorating World AIDS Day

Apologies for being blogolate – I hope you enjoy this blog about World AIDS Day.

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Mayo and Condomly Chit-chat

I have been living with a very friendly household here in Zambia. Mayo, and her nieces all sing, in the bath and while at work. I thankfully take up the opportunity to add my voice to the choir, as I … Continue reading

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